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SubjectRe: Feedback on preemptible kernel patch xfs
On Tue, 2001-09-18 at 07:05, jury gerold wrote:
> I used your patch on 2.4.10-pre10-xfs from the SGI cvs tree.
> 2 files had to be changed
> fs/xfs_support/atomic.h and fs/xfs_support/mutex.h
> needed a include sched.h

Thank you for reporting this.

I just made a diff against xfs-cvs-20010917 with your changes.
Obviously I can't merge the changes into the main patch since not
everyone has XFS, but I will make the patch available.

> rootfilesystem is ext2 everything else is xfs
> athlon optimisation is switched on
> chipset is via
> the nvidia kernel module for OpenGL acceleration is running
> hisax isdn driver for internet access
> USB web cam
> I have tried heavy filesystem operations (cp -ar x y && rm -rf y)
> with a big compile job -j2 and some OpenGL programs together with the
> web cam

Good. Then we can probably mark XFS as preempt safe (no reason to think
otherwise). Those file operations were on the XFS partitions, right?

> on the USB side i had some "_comp parameters have gone AWOL" messages in
> the syslog from the cpia driver
> but i remember them from a no preemtion kernel as well

Yah, probably from mainline kernel...

> so far everything is stable


> i like the idea but i have not made any tests on the latency yet

if you do, please post.

thanks for the feedback,

Robert M. Love
rml at
rml at

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