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SubjectRe: Forced umount (was lazy umount)

> >>I see no reason why a properly functioning system should ever need to
> >>truly force a umount. Under normal conditions, if one really needs to
> >>do an emergency umount, it should be possible to use fuser/kill/etc to
> >>clean up any processes using the filesystem from userland and then
> >>perform a normal umount to cleanly unmount the filesystem in question
> [...]
> >
> > Imagine you have a cdrom mounted with process reading it. You may want
> > to eject this cdrom without killing all processes, but just make them
> > know that there's an error somewhere, go read something else.
> > So it won't kill your shells, Nautilus/Konqueror, etc.
> Ok, I should have made my terms more clear. I see no reason why a
> properly functioning system should *need* to force a umount. There's a
> difference between "need" and "want". What you're talking about is a
> convenience (and I admitted that the patch would make some things more
> convenient), but not a necessity. With decently written software you
> should be able to simply go to the relevant programs and tell them to
> stop using the filesystem before you unmount it. All this does is make
> that process a little less tedious. it means that my kwintv (tv-in window) application should
have menu option to chdir somewhere else?

Imagine (common error for me):

cd /cdrom
kwintv &

I now want to umount cdrom. How do I do it? Do you suggest each app
to have "cd /" menu entry?
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