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Subjectre: [PATCH] /dev/epoll update ...
Davide wrote:

> The /dev/epoll patch has been updated :
> *) Stale events removal
> *) Help in ( thanks to David E. Weekly )
> *) Fit 2.4.9
> ...

I'm getting ready to stress-test /dev/epoll finally.
In porting my Poller_devpoll.{cc,h} to support /dev/epoll, I noticed
the following issues:

1. it would be very nice to be able to expand the interest list
without affecting the currently ready list. In fact, this may
be needed to support existing programs. A quick look at
your code gives me the impression that it would be easy to add
a ioctl(kdpfd, EP_REALLOC, newmaxfds) call to do this. Do you agree?

2. The names made visible to userland by your patch do not follow
a consistent naming convention. May I suggest that you use
EPOLL_ as a uniform prefix, and epoll.h as the user-visible include file?
shows that Posix cares greatly about this kind of namespace issue,
and it'd be nice to follow their lead, even though this isn't a Posix

3. You modify asm/poll.h. Can your modifications be restricted to epoll.h
instead? (Hey, I don't know much, maybe there's a good reason you did this.)

Dan Kegel
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