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SubjectRe: 2.4.10pre10aa1 (first spin to the vm rewrite included)
In article <20010917180914.I713@athlon.random> wrote:
> Some of the the main features of 2.4.10pre10aa1 are:

> o rcu core included (thought it will be rewritten, I agreed with
> Dipankar that the per-cpu scheduling sequence number seems
> the best approch, such number can serve also as a statistic
> to usespace infact, it is very similar to Rusty's patch but it
> doesn't add any branch to the schedule fast path, he's rewriting
> the patch at the moment and I'll include it in the next release)

Sorry, in the latest patch I folded the per-cpu context switch counter into
per-cpu counters for other quiescent states - user mode code and idle loop
in order to save on an extra compare making a single counter :-)
So, it is not much of a user space statistics anymore.

I can put that counter back, but I think eventually it may anyway
make sense to start using per-cpu statistics counters. As a matter
of fact we are working on a framework to support these. If we do
use per-cpu statistics counters later, RCU can make use of the
per-cpu context switch statistics counter.

Dipankar Sarma <> Project:
Linux Technology Center, IBM Software Lab, Bangalore, India.
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