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SubjectRE: Whats in the wings for 2.5 (when it opens)
unified device tree (for power management)
changing all drivers to support the above.

This stuff isn't the kind of thing that's ready to go beforehand - we need
to get the device tree infrastructure in place, and then we can attack the

Regards -- Andy

> From: Ed Tomlinson []
> Seems like there is a lot of code "ready" for consideration
> in a 2.5 kernel.
> I can think of:
> premptable kernel option
> user mode kernel
> jfs
> xfs (maybe)
> rc2
> reverse maping vm
> ide driver rewrite
> 32bit dma
> LTT (maybe)
> LVM update to 1.01
> ELVM (maybe)
> module security stuff
> UP friendly SMP scheduler
> What else?
> Ed Tomlinson
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