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SubjectRe: Disk errors and Reiserfs
On Mon, Sep 17, 2001 at 01:40:36AM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:

> > Is it possible for the kernel to handle this with enough grace that you
> > can kill the processes and unmount the partition? (Thus allowing the box
> > to continue in a hobbled, but function manner.) Failing that, is it
> > possible for the kernel to handle it well enough for 'shutdown' to cleanly
> > shutdown the box?
> Killing the process isnt neccessary, its been halted in its tracks. As to
> a clean shutdown - no chance. You've just hit a disk failure, the on disk
> state is not precisely known, writes have been lost. Nothing is going to
> make a clean shutdown possible under such circumstances.

Of course. But I did notice that (for ext2) the filesystem dirty flag is not
set if there are errors from the underlying block device, only when it actually
detects some corruption. So these errors will not trigger an appropiate
response like remounting read-only or fscking on reboot.

Met vriendelijke groet / with kind regards,
Guus Sliepen <>
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