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SubjectRe: Linux-2.4.10-pre10
From said:
> Well, I guess my question is, is this arch-specific or driver
> specific? The lasi700 driver is hppa-only. The NCR_D700 doesn't have
> any restrictions. James?

Well, the original intent was to separate the chip core logic from the actual
board driver. To that end, I needed two cores, one which was io mapped and
one which was mem mapped. In theory, set up the way it is, I can keep
architectural dependencies out of the chip core (53c700.c). The two file
strategy was the only way I could think to do this.

lasi700 is completely parisc specific. NCR_D700 is and x86 microchannel card.

Actually, the way you're suggesting will work with some modifications: All I
have to do in is require the lasi700 and the NCR_D700 to do a
define_bool CONFIG_53C700_MEM_MAPPED y and define_bool CONFIG_53C700_IO_MAPPED
y respectively when they're selected and insist that one or other of these
flags be present in the core driver before it will compile.

I've got a big sync to do with the work I've been doing on the parisc driver,
so I'll put that in too.


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