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SubjectLinux Support for 48-bit ATA

I will be posting a patch for current kernels to use.
ASL and LAD will publish the patch in various locations.
Since this code require a partial rewrite and migration to the new driver
model do not expect it to be adopted anytime soon.

The following are currently broken options:
CONFIG_IDEDISK_STROKE 48-bit broke it.
CONFIG_IDE_TASKFILE_IO New driver breaks multimode pio

Note that "multimode pio" works in the diag. tool suite but the new driver
does not handle the pre-data push correcty out of the block layer yet.

If you need CONFIG_IDEDISK_STROKE, do not use patch, period !!
If you need "multimode pio", do not set CONFIG_IDE_TASKFILE_IO !!

An announcement locations for this patch will be posted on ASL's
web pages early this coming week.

Currently Maxtor is shipping their 160GB Ultra133 drives now.

Linux currently has no support for this transfer rate as the new HOST
cards/controllers require a more extensive driver rewrite. MMIO ATA/ATAPI
is required.


Andre Hedrick
Linux ATA Development
ASL, Inc. Tel: (510) 857-0055 x103
38875 Cherry Street Fax: (510) 857-0010
Newark, CA 94560 Web:

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