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SubjectPanic report -- fs corruption with kwintv under 2.2.18-suse

I bought TVPhone98w/VCR TV tuner card today. I tried it with suse
2.2.18 kernel, and kwintv. It worked beatifully (given that wire I
sticked in to simulate antena, grin). I did cut in kwintv, it
segfaulted and kwintv binary was _gone_.

Reboot, fsck reported "special device/socket/fifo inode 900553 has
non-zero size. FIXED... and kwintv was lost. So I reinstalled it and
retried. On exit kwintv got segfault... And this time kv4lsetup
disappeared. Ouch. (Anyone knows what package kv4lsetup is so I can
reinstall?). I guess I do not want to try kwintv again :-(.

Are similar problems known with 2.2.18? This was really scary.
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