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SubjectLinux 2.4.10-pre11

Ok, the big thing here is continued merging, this time with Andrea.

I still don't like some of the VM changes, but integrating Andrea's VM
changes results in (a) better performance and (b) much cleaner inactive
page handling in particular. Besides, for the 2.4.x tree, the big priority
is stability, we can re-address my other concerns during 2.5.x.

This also merges the blkdev in page cache patch, and that will hopefully
make it noticeably easier to do the "do bread() with page cache too", at
which point a lot of the current ugly synchronization issues will go away.

Oh, and it gets the direct-IO improvements from Andrea too.

[ Other small patches from Andrea merged just to make future merges
easier. ]

The console locking merge with Andrew Morton also moves us a bit closer to
the -ac tree..

Full 2.4.10 ChangeLog appended.


- Neil Brown: md cleanups/fixes
- Andrew Morton: console locking merge
- Andrea Arkangeli: major VM merge

- Alan Cox: continued merging
- Mingming Cao: make msgrcv/shmat check the queue/segment ID's properly
- Greg KH: USB serial init failure fix, Xircom serial converter driver
- Neil Brown: nsfd/raid/md/lockd cleanups
- Ingo Molnar: multipath RAID personality, raid xor update
- Hugh Dickins/Marcelo Tosatti: swapin read-ahead race fix
- Vojtech Pavlik: fix up some of the infrastructure for x86-64
- Robert Love: AMD 761 AGP GART support
- Jens Axboe: fix SCSI-generic queue handling race
- me: be sane about page reference bits

- Greg KH: start migration to new "min()/max()"
- Roman Zippel: move affs over to "min()/max()".
- Vojtech Pavlik: VIA update (make sure not to IRQ-unmask a vt82c576)
- Jan Kara: quota bug-fix (don't decrement quota for non-counted inode)
- Anton Altaparmakov: more NTFS updates
- Al Viro: make nosuid/noexec/nodev be per-mount flags, not per-filesystem
- Alan Cox: merge input/joystick layer differences, driver and alpha merge
- Keith Owens: scsi Makefile cleanup
- Trond Myklebust: fix oopsable race in locking code
- Jean Tourrilhes: IrDA update

- Christoph Hellwig: clean up personality handling a bit
- Robert Love: update sysctl/vm documentation
- make the three-argument (that everybody hates) "min()" be "min_t()",
and introduce a type-anal "min()" that complains about arguments of
different types.

- Alan Cox: big driver/mips sync
- Andries Brouwer, Christoph Hellwig: more gendisk fixups
- Tobias Ringstrom: tulip driver workaround for DC21143 erratum

- Jens Axboe: remove trivially dead io_request_lock usage
- Andrea Arcangeli: softirq cleanup and ARM fixes. Slab cleanups
- Christoph Hellwig: gendisk handling helper functions/cleanups
- Nikita Danilov: reiserfs dead code pruning
- Anton Altaparmakov: NTFS update to 1.1.18
- firestream network driver: patch reverted on authors request
- NIIBE Yutaka: SH architecture update
- Paul Mackerras: PPC cleanups, PPC8xx update.
- me: reverse broken bootdata allocation patch that went into pre5

- Merge with Alan
- Trond Myklebust: NFS fixes - kmap and root inode special case
- Al Viro: more superblock cleanups, inode leak in rd.c, minix
directories in page cache
- Paul Mackerras: clean up rubbish from sl82c105.c
- Neil Brown: md/raid cleanups, NFS filehandles
- Johannes Erdfelt: USB update (usb-2.0 support, visor fix, Clie fix,
pl2303 driver update)
- David Miller: sparc and net update
- Eric Biederman: simplify and correct bootdata allocation - don't
overwrite ramdisks
- Tim Waugh: support multiple SuperIO devices, parport doc updates

- Hugh Dickins: swapoff cleanups and speedups
- Matthew Dharm: USB storage update
- Keith Owens: Makefile fixes
- Tom Rini: MPC8xx build fix
- Nikita Danilov: reiserfs update
- Jakub Jelinek: ELF loader fix for ET_DYN
- Andrew Morton: reparent_to_init() for kernel threads
- Christoph Hellwig: VxFS and SysV updates, vfs_permission fix

- Johannes Erdfelt, Oliver Neukum: USB printer driver race fix
- John Byrne: fix stupid i386-SMP irq stack layout bug
- Andreas Bombe, me: yenta IO window fix
- Neil Brown: raid1 buffer state fix
- David Miller, Paul Mackerras: fix up sparc and ppc respectively for kmap/kbd_rate
- Matija Nalis: umsdos fixes, and make it possible to boot up with umsdos
- Francois Romieu: fix bugs in dscc4 driver
- Andy Grover: new PCI config space access functions (eventually for ACPI)
- Albert Cranford: fix incorrect e2fsprog data from ver_linux script
- Dave Jones: re-sync x86 setup code, fix macsonic kmalloc use
- Johannes Erdfelt: remove obsolete plusb USB driver
- Andries Brouwer: fix USB compact flash version info, add blksize ioctls

- Al Viro: block device cleanups
- Marcelo Tosatti: make bounce buffer allocations more robust (it's ok
for them to do IO, just not cause recursive bounce IO. So allow them)
- Anton Altaparmakov: NTFS update (1.1.17)
- Paul Mackerras: PPC update (big re-org)
- Petko Manolov: USB pegasus driver fixes
- David Miller: networking and sparc updates
- Trond Myklebust: Export atomic_dec_and_lock
- OGAWA Hirofumi: find and fix umsdos "filldir" users that were broken
by the 64-bit-cleanups. Fix msdos warnings.
- Al Viro: superblock handling cleanups and race fixes
- Johannes Erdfelt++: USB updates

- Jeff Hartmann: DRM AGP/alpha cleanups
- Ben LaHaise: highmem user pagecopy/clear optimization
- Vojtech Pavlik: VIA IDE driver update
- Herbert Xu: make cramfs work with HIGHMEM pages
- David Fennell: awe32 ram size detection improvement
- Istvan Varadi: umsdos EMD filename bug fix
- Keith Owens: make min/max work for pointers too
- Jan Kara: quota initialization fix
- Brad Hards: Kaweth USB driver update (enable, and fix endianness)
- Ralf Baechle: MIPS updates
- David Gibson: airport driver update
- Rogier Wolff: firestream ATM driver multi-phy support
- Daniel Phillips: swap read page referenced set - avoid swap thrashing

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