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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.10-pre11
> The bug fixes in -ac that aren't merged into -linus are that way BECAUSE

Actually some of them I've sent you many times. The tlb fix I have on
my list of "dont bother" for example - which means I got bored of sending

> Alan works on it quite intensively, but the fact is, that for the -ac
> merge, Alan seems to be able to merge it slower than -ac grows. Which is
> why I actually started asking people to merge their parts from -ac into
> -linus to help Alan. That's how the other merge in -pre11 happened.

I've been trying to ensure I feed stuff in testable chunks. For example
I dont want vfs and scsi changes both in a Linus merge because someone is
bound to go "hey I got corruption" and then with both in one merge we
are screwed

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