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SubjectRoot-NFS Problems and portmap
Hi folks,

I have some problems getting Root-NFS to work properly.

On the server side is a linux 2.4.9 with tcp-wrapper (release 7.6) and
portmapper (release 5) in use on a Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 box.

When using Root-NFS with linux-2.4.5 or later, I get the following
messages repeatedly:

-- snip --
Looking up port of RPC 100003/2 on <server-ip>
RPC: sendmesg returned error 101
portmap: RPC call returned error 101
Root-NFS: Unable to get nfsd port number from server, using default
-- snap --

In particular I tried 2.4.5, 2.4.8 and 2.4.9 on this with the same errors.
I passed various nfsroot-options to the kernel (including nolock) with no

Surprisingly, when using 2.4.4 (or 2.2.19 which has dhcp-ipconfig as well)
everything works just fine. I used the working config-2.4.4-nfsroot to
compile one of the more recent kernels (which fails).

Starting with 2.4.5 net/ipv4/ipconfig.c has changed to add support of
dhcp, so maybe it has something to do with this? According to tcpdump,
IP-Config itself works alright though.

If you need any more information such as kernel-config, send me an email.

PLEASE: If anybody has a working 2.4.x nfsroot-kernel with x > 4, please
send me your config so I can find the problem.

Kind regards,
Jens Ruehmkorf

j dot ruehmkorf at uni hyphen koeln dot de

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