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SubjectRe: How errorproof is ext2 fs?
> > it does not need a good  error proof fs. Still can't ext2 be made a little more
> > error proof?
> First, you seem to be making quite a few assumptions which are not
> necessarily correct:
> 1) Just because an OS does not _tell_ you there was a problem does not
> necessarily mean there wasn't one. In particular, MacOS is notorious
> for not "bothering" users with detailed (or in many cases any)
> information about problems. I don't know about HFS fragility in
Well I can assure you I used DiskFirstAid and Norton Utilities on the Mac.
Neither found any problems. Since I use MacOS9, my Mac crashes at least once a
month but I never ever lost anything. Most of the time my USB-keyboard/-mouse
doesn't react anymore after switching back from my Linux system. Usually I
simply press the reset switch after a few minutes.

Besides Linux also does not react occasionally when switching my
USB-keyboard/-mouse but since I also have an AT-keyboard handy I don't have to
reset it.

> 3) You're basing your linux experience on (apparently) only one
> incident. As a professional sysadmin, I've experienced many many

I'm not bashing linux, I'm only stating that MacOS9 (or HFS+) has a nice feature
Linux (or its fs's) lacks. My experience shows clearly that I had at least 10
craches on the Mac durning the last year but I never lost anything. During the
same time I had 2 crashes on my linux, one due to the USB-problem without a
handy AT-keyboard, the second now due to a malfunction el3diag.

O. Wyss
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