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Subject[PATCH] inode.c cleanup
	Obvious cleanup: superblocks leave the list before they
can get ->s_dev equal to 0 and they do it under sb_lock, so test
in the chunk below is bogus.

Please apply (it goes both for Linus' tree and -ac).

diff -urN S10-pre9/fs/inode.c S10-pre9-inode/fs/inode.c
--- S10-pre9/fs/inode.c Fri Sep 14 12:58:45 2001
+++ S10-pre9-inode/fs/inode.c Fri Sep 14 14:00:38 2001
@@ -405,8 +405,6 @@
sb = sb_entry(;
for (; sb != sb_entry(&super_blocks); sb = sb_entry(sb-> {
- if (!sb->s_dev)
- continue;
if (!try_to_sync_unused_list(&sb->s_dirty))
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