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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Endian-ness bugs in yellowfin.c (Jeff Garzik)  wrote on 14.09.01 in <>:

> On Fri, 14 Sep 2001, Val Henson wrote:
> > You misunderstood what I meant. This is the first case of one driver
> > supporting two different cards, one 10/100 and one 10/100/1000. All
> > the gigabit cards are 10/100/1000 as far as I know. I still think the
> > driver should be listed in both the 100 Mbit and 1000 Mbit Ethernet
> > menu sections, unless someone comes up with a better idea.
> Please do not add duplicate items... put drivers that can do gigabit
> under gigabit. Eventually as we get more of them we can come up
> with better categories. Besides being an ugly solution,
> duplicating items has the potential to push edge cases in the various
> parsers.

Actually, I'd say that practically *all* the categories used for ethernet
cards are confusing. I certainly often end up backtracking several times
when configuring a new machine.

Just throwing the lot out and using a flat list would be better than the
current state.

Bad category strategies:

* Brand name. Drivers serve different brands.
* Bus type. Drivers serve cards on different bus types.
* Speed. Drivers serve cards capable of different speeds.

I really don't know what's left.

Unless, of course, mentioning one driver several places becomes possible.
Then all these arguments become irrelevant.

MfG Kai
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