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SubjectRE: User Space Emulation of Devices
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Pavel Machek []
> Sent: 12 September 2001 11:28
> To: Phil Thompson; ''
> Subject: Re: User Space Emulation of Devices
> Hi!
> > Without going into the gory details, I have a requirement
> for a device
> > driver that does very little apart from pass on the
> open/close/read/write
> > "requests" onto a user space application to implement and
> pass back to the
> > driver.
> >
> > Does anything like this already exist?
> Something like that which would also pass ioctl()s would be *very*
> welcome.

The best approach I found (for my purposes anyway) was the one used by the
ALSA OSS emulator (and strace as well?) that uses weak & strong symbols in a
pre-loaded shared library to intercept system calls to the device I wanted
to handle in user space.

I'd be surprised if this technique was suitable as a generic approach.

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