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SubjectRe: Stomping on Athlon bug
VDA wrote:
> Hi. Below is a modified printout of lspci -vvvxxx
> made on VIA KT133A based mainboard with BIOS version 3R flashed in
> (this system is exhibiting Athlon bug) and on the same system
> with BIOS version YH (which do not trigger bug).
> Each chipset config register which is changed between these two BIOSes
> is underlined with carets "^" with programming details immediately below.
> Each register is then commented with:
> *** 3R BIOS: settings made by 3R BIOS
> *** YH BIOS: settings made by YH BIOS
> *** TODO: is this relevant and what to do
> Anyone interested in trying to pin down the bug might
> try to reprogram this chipset along the lines:
> ...
> struct pci_dev *dev;
> dev = pci_find_device(PCI_VENDOR_ID_VIA, 0x0305, NULL);
> if(dev) {
> printk("Trying to stomp on Athlon bug...\n");
> u8 v;
> pci_read_config_byte(dev, 0x52, &v);
> /* set 52.7: Disconnect Enable When STPGNT Detected */
> v |= 0x80;
> pci_write_config_byte(dev, 0x52, v);
> ...
> }
> ...
> I'm not sure where exactly this piece of code should go.
> Anyway, compile K7 optimized kernel with this fix
> and give it a try.

Interesting; This is exactly the bit that the athlon cool thingy that
popped up
here a while ago changed; everybody agreed that it was WAAAAY too
back then, because PSU's and voltage regulators wouldn't be able to
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