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SubjectRe: Feedback on preemptible kernel patch
Robert Love wrote:

> Hi Arjan,
> first, highmem is fixed and the original patch you have from me is good.
> second, Daniel Phillips gave me some feedback into how to figure out the
> VM error. I am working on it, although just the VM potential

Good to hear.

> -- ReiserFS may be another problem.

Can't wait for that.

> third, you may be experiencing problems with a kernel optimized for
> Athlon. this may or may not be related to the current issues with an
> Athlon-optimized kernel. Basically, functions in arch/i386/lib/mmx.c
> seem to need some locking to prevent preemption. I have a basic patch
> and we are working on a final one.

Can you please send this stuff along to me?
You know I own an Athlon (since yester Athlon II 1 GHz :-) and need some

Mobo is MSI MS-6167 Rev 1.0B (AMD Irongate C4, yes the very first one)

Kernel with preempt patch and mmx/3dnow! optimization crash randomly.
Never had that (without preempt) during the last two years.


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