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SubjectHow errorproof is ext2 fs?
While reading the thread about "HFS Plus on Linux?" at
"" I had the following experience:

Within an hour I had to hard reset both of my computers, first my Linux-i386 due
to a complete lockup of the system while using el3diag, second my MacOS-powermac
due to an not responding USB-keyboard/-mouse (what a nice coincident). Now while
the Mac restarted without any fuse I had to fix the ext2-fs manually for about
15 min. Luckily it seems I haven't lost anything on both system.

This leaves me a bad taste of Linux in my mouth. Does ext2 fs really behave so
worse in case of a crash? Okay Linux does not crash that often as MacOS does, so
it does not need a good error proof fs. Still can't ext2 be made a little more
error proof?

Okay, there are other fs for Linux which cope better with such a situation, but
are they really more errorproof or are they just better in fixing up the mess
afterwards? Could there be more attention in not creating errors instead of
fixing them afterwards?

O. Wyss
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