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SubjectRe: [GOLDMINE!!!] Athlon optimisation bug (was Re: Duron kernel crash)
>effectivelly all my Athlon now wroks well using
>KT73c bios, i never upgraded to a following one, but i made a further
>check, and noticed that the first oops reports are older than this bios
>release. So there is no way that first report could be related to
>KT73r bios version. maybe also KT73n has problems.... (1.First release for
> 1.3 or newer.)

Or, more likely, the earlier reports came from m/board vendors who
upgraded their *base* BIOS version earlier than ABIT, or who simply
have flakier designs which fail even under the older versions.
Notice that the first change listed for 3R is "update BIOS code"
which probably means the AWARD 'base' code which supports the actual
chipset rather than Abit-specific features.

from: Jonathan "Chromatix" Morton
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