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SubjectRe: Multiple monitors

> > Also, though, on dedicated servers etc. I'd rather not be running X if
> > I didn't have to.
> You may find that a full screen xterm, with no window manager, actually
> runs much faster than the console and looks identical. It is certainly
> the case on several of my machines.
> This is most pronounced if X can do hardware acceleration on your video
> card, although it is true even without acceleration because of xterm's
> nice jump scroll capability. (Btw, I prefer gnome-terminal because of
> the Linux-console colour emulation :-).
> On one 686 class machine, I saw text mode take nearly two seconds to
> scroll the screen, when all but one line of the screen was being
> scrolled (so it had to copy everything). This was in pure text mode,
> not even a framebuffer! In X it was invisibly fast.

2 seconds on vga console is way too much. It could happen with
framebuffer + usb hogging PCI...
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