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    SubjectRe: IBMs LVM ?
    On Tue, Sep 11, 2001 at 01:15:31PM -0600, Andreas Dilger wrote:
    > Well, you don't get anything for free. You need to have some abstraction
    > in order to handle multiple LVM-type systems in a useful way, I don't see
    > any way around that. As for the kernel code, I don't see TOO much
    > abstraction.
    > - You need code to read each separate on-disk format (partition headers,
    > LVM metadata, etc)
    > - You need code to combine each of these into some useful "volume"
    > - You need code to do mapping from input volume/block to output disk/block
    > - You need code to be able to modify a volume metadata.


    > You need code to do this for each different metadata format or partition
    > type. Luckily (hopefully?) most people won't have systems with more than
    > a couple different metadata formats at a time. HOWEVER, you NEED to be
    > able to migrate from one format to another, so you will have periods when
    > you have extra modules loaded during a migration.

    No - there is no reason we need support for migration in our volume
    managment system. The reason to have a framework is excatly that we
    can have multiple different formats. If there is a tool to provide
    migration it's nice, but it shouldn't complicate the actual volume
    managment core.

    > > god-mode that allows even root to do anything and we come back.
    > It is not clear if you are you for or against "god-mode"? Would you
    > like it so that it is easy to shoot themselves in the head (or it
    > is so complex/manual that it is hard not to), or rather everyone in
    > straight-jackets in rubber rooms (ala Windows)? Some safety is needed,
    > but there are also reasons to bypass that safety. I don't know what
    > the current state of "god-mode" is in the EVMS code (if it is there,
    > needed, whatever, so it is a moot point).

    In unix we have the useruser (or more precise the capabilities model),
    no need for a damn god mode.

    > Exactly. It was me and the EVMS LVM-emulation author that pointed out to
    > the Sistina folks that there was NO need to have an incompatible change
    > to the on-disk layout. In fact, the EVMS code can handle BOTH formats,
    > and did so before LVM did.

    Of course they don't, but Sistina doesn't like staying with one version
    more than a few month. See my compat code to support 0.8 volumes on 0.9
    that got rejected.

    > But, strangely it didn't make it into the LVM codebase. Why is that?

    Why didn't all your nice stuff get merged? :P

    > I'm not blaming you, of course. EVMS is at least a SourceForge project.

    With the problem that the IBM guys ignore me since someone told them that
    I'm "not part of the OpenSource movement". I started sending fixes in
    the very beginning..

    > Well, there are obvious reasons for that. Some people won't want to have
    > EVMS in the kernel (clearly you are one of them), so their patch can't
    > just rip out the existing partition scanning code. Maybe there will be a
    > config option to not compile it later, or there will be an "EVMS-lite"
    > which handles basic partitions, or whatever.

    The naming doesn't matter. (BTW, EVMS is a damn stupid name..).
    Either we do the - as you say - VFS for blockdevices or we don't - it doesn't
    make sense to do it conditional. Wether the complicated drivers are actually
    use, and wether people want to use the integrated userspace soloutions is
    a very different question.

    > In any case, I doubt an EVMS patch would be accepted if it removed that
    > code to start with.

    I think such an patch would be accepted much more likely. You know Linus
    (and we all :)) likes ripping out code.

    If you come and say: this patch nukes all special cases for MD, LVM and
    partition handling, the code is now X lines less I bet he will like it.

    > HOWEVER, since EVMS can handle ALL disk devices,

    A few days I read that thread on the EVMS list about only detecting
    SCSI and IDE drives yet - I probably got that wrong?..

    > even just regular partitions, at some point it COULD be possible to get
    > rid of the mess of different major/minor numbers for different disk types
    > (hdX, sdX, cciss, rd, ida, etc) and assign all of them to EVMS. Since EVMS
    > only needs a minor number for the end-result volume (which may represent
    > many individual disks, and doesn't need a minor for unused partitions),
    > we would likely not have any shortage of block major numbers. Consider
    > 10*hdX*256 + 8*sdX*256 + MD*256 + 8*CCISS*256 + 8*DAC960*256 + 8*IDA*256...
    > and it is a long time until you have 10k+ VISIBLE volumes on a single system.

    Yes, that's a nice thing and in fact linux already posted his opinion
    about all disk drivers sharing the major numbers (for 2.5?).

    But that just needs a small assignement layer (like sound_core), not
    something as complex as EVMS. Or a bugfree devfs.

    > > Yes, because it is a Meta-LVM, not an actualy inplementation.
    > > I _really_ want something like that in 2.5 - but not this horrible IBM
    > > implementation.
    > Maybe you can help them work on it?

    If they stop ignoring me - sure.

    > They have recently just redone a lot
    > of the code, partly based on input from Andrew Clausen. I don't see any
    > other similar projects out there, and I think it is a waste of effort to
    > complain about work that is done rather than fix it. I tried for a long
    > time (while it was still my job to do so) to fix the current Linux-LVM
    > code, and I only had very minimal impact. Even so, Linux-LVM will never
    > become a Meta-LVM without AT LEAST as much "mess" as EVMS, and probably
    > will contain a lot more.

    Linux-LVM doesn't even try to be a "Meta-LVM".

    > IBM is at least doing something about this by putting their code where
    > their mouth is. Nothing is ever perfect. Consider MD RAID - it isn't
    > even compatible between "stock" 2.2 and 2.2+Mingo-0.9RAID patches (which
    > is one reason why Alan never accepted the 0.9 MD RAID into 2.2, despite the
    > fact that ALL distros used the 0.9 MD RAID patches).

    It's a different issue. For 2.4 ti sould be very easy to support both,
    2.2 is missing a generic block remapping interface.

    > > Nope - I'm currently working on implementing VxVM support, and I have
    > > to redo all the RAID stuff because it is so incomaptible.
    > The question is - will the VxVM support be yet ANOTHER separate code base
    > in the kernel?

    Of course I plug into one of the many generic volume managment frameworks
    that are available - that's why we have this thread, heh?

    > You complain about code bloat in EVMS, but having LVM, MD,
    > VxVM, NT LDM, etc. all separate is also code bloat,

    I think al these are together smaller than EVMS.
    At lest they don't have their own 200k linked list implementation :P

    > > If you have a design to share the RAID engine for very different layouts:
    > > nice - but I don'T see the relation to EVMS.
    > No, I can't say I do - it was purely speculation based on the concept that
    > RAID-1 and RAID-5 are GENERALLY the same concept. Maybe the reason VxVM
    > is so different is that it also incorporates "LVM" style function as well?

    Yes. It has a completly different layering. FreeBSD Vinum has a structure
    that is somewhat similar if you want to take a look at another opensource

    > Note that NT-LDM ALSO has RAID-0/1/5 modes (not yet supported by the LDM
    > driver) which will eventually need support. Do you want the number of RAID
    > implementations in the kernel to grow without bound, or rather try and
    > consolidate them (where possible) into a generic interface like EVMS?

    You forgot ATA fakeraid by arjan :)


    Of course it doesn't work. We've performed a software upgrade.
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