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SubjectRe: Feedback on preemptible kernel patch

On 10 Sep 2001, Robert Love wrote:

> On Sun, 2001-09-09 at 23:24, Daniel Phillips wrote:
> > This may not be your fault. It's a GFP_NOFS recursive allocation - this
> > comes either from grow_buffers or ReiserFS, probably the former. In
> > either case, it means we ran completely out of free pages, even though
> > the caller is willing to wait. Hmm. It smells like a loophole in vm
> > scanning.
> I am not a VM hacker -- can you tell me where to start? what do you
> suspect it is?
> If the user stops seeing the error with preemption disabled, is your
> theory nulled, or does that just mean the problem is agitated by
> preemption?
> I don't think Arjan was using ReiserFS, so its from grow_buffers...

Yes I am using reiserfs (for "ages"). better said, reiser on LVM.

Small discription of my system and used setup:
scsi-disk,scsi-cdrom,ide-disk,ide-scsi,ext2,reiser, iptables, ipv6,
acenic-Gbit-ethernet, ramdisk, highmem (1.5GB-ram), Athlon 1.1GHz, Asus
a7v MB (via).


> I appreciate your help.

Arjan Filius

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