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SubjectRe: Developing code for ia64

>> Our product contains a pre-compiled core object (IP protection :-\ )
> In that case, be prepared to take the burden for all
> linux kernel support from your users, since we'll just
> send them your way.
> Your email address has been saved, bug reporters about
> any intel binary only driver will be told to ask you.

Before you all jump so far down his throat you hit his
arse, he did say "Our product contains a pre-compiled
core object". He did not say that this was a kernel module,
or any other part of the kernel.

His question was whether you could bundle IA-64 and IA-32
code together in a single binary file (as far as I could
tell), which while probably off topic here, probably
does not require application of cattle prod at such a
voltage. Whilst binary modules are contentious, esp.
w.r.t. support, I have found noone yet (famous last
words) who has credibly suggested that distributing or
running binary-only applications on a GPL'd *OS* (libraries
being a separate issue) is against either the spirit or
the letter of the OS license. And as such of course
the reports of application bugs should not be on lkml.

Alex Bligh
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