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SubjectRe: AIC + RAID1 error? (was: Re: aic7xxx errors)
Okay, I tested it today, compiled 2.4.9ac10 with the new driver and TCQ set
to 32. I built the driver as a module to make sure that the machine at least
boots into runlevel 3 (I have no console access, only access to the reset

I rebooted and inserted the driver with 'modprobe aic7xxx', remembered that
I forgot the verbose flag, removed the driver with 'modprobe -r' and
re-inserted it with 'modprobe aic7xxx aic7xxx=verbose'. The machine was
still alive then. But right after entering 'raidhotadd /dev/md1 /dev/sda1'
the machine hung. reiserfs erased the last lines of /var/log/messages, but
AFAIK the verbose driver output showed no errors.

But how can I help to reproduce the error? Of course I could break the
mirror, compile the driver into the kernel (non-module) and do some stress
test on the SCSI drive. But it's not so good when I drive this machine into
a hang too often.

I compiled the old driver now, also with TCQ set to 32, and the machine
seems to work fine.

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