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SubjectRe: AIC + RAID1 error? (was: Re: aic7xxx errors)
>> Something other made me wonder:
>> I ran the machine several times with the *new* aic7xxx-driver (TCQ=32)
>> and the "aic7xxx=verbose" commandline, and i noticed the following:
>> At every reboot (made by "reboot", RH7.1), the machine was not able to
>> stop the raid5 un-mounted the mountpoint (/home) and then
>> it normaly wants to stop the raid...(you see the messages "mdrecoveryd
>> got waken up...") but that did not work and after some time (30sec) the
>> kernel Ooopsed.


>Same behaviour for RAID1 and the new aic7xxx driver for me at nearly every
>reboot. The old driver works just fine (2.4.9).

The new driver registers a "reboot notifier" with the system. If MD
continues to perform I/O after the aic7xxx driver's notification routine
is called, the result is undefined. The aic7xxx driver has already
shutdown the hardware. Perhaps I should use a different event to indicate
it is safe for me to clean up the hardware?

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