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SubjectRe: Kernel stack....
On Mon, Sep 10, 2001 at 02:47:41PM -0700, Raghava Raju wrote:
> 1) I want to know what exactly is the structure
> of kernel stack. Is it some thing like bss,data,text?
> 2) I want to access kernel stack(in kernel
> mode). So I am using kernel stack pointer provided in
> thread_struct. So how to access different areas(.i.e
> data,text) in kernel stack.

I think you got a wrong understanding of the stack. The stack has no
separate bss, data, and text sections, it's just a stack of function
arguments, local variables, and return addresses.

Accessing the stack works automatically: call a function, and the
function paramaters and the return address are pushed on the stack.
Unless you have a *very* good reason, there is no need to manipulate
the stack directly in kernel mode.


PS: Please don't cross post between the kernelniewbes and linux-kernel
lists, use only one of them next time (kernelnewbies is good for this
kind of questions).

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