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"Bobby D. Bryant" wrote:
> Tim Moore wrote:
> > > It seems to work somewhat better for some if you set your BIOS to the
> > > conservative settings, but that didn't help me. I have an Epox 8KTA3+ (Via
> > > KT133A) w/ a 1.4GHz Athlon and 512MB memory. If you can't get it to work that
> > > way, just stick with the K6 setting. The point is, your hardware is likely fine
> > > (fine being relative, I suppose)
> > > If there are other tricks, I'm all ears.
> >
> > The i686 setting works perfectly.
> For some people. I have an 8KTA3+ that will boot as an i686, but starts oopsing its
> shorts off after it has been up a while.
> I posted some of the oopsen a few months ago, and to my feeble mind they all looked
> memory related. (Several were "bug in slab.c" kind of thing, IIRC.

I hadn't heard a case of 686 not working given the compatability between
Athlon/PIII. To be clear, CONFIG_M686=y has worked perfectly with
850MHz Athlon + VT82C686.

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