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SubjectRe: [IDEA+RFC] Possible solution for min()/max() war
"A month of sundays ago Linus Torvalds wrote:"
> On Fri, 31 Aug 2001, Peter T. Breuer wrote:
> >
> > To give you all something definite to look at, here's some test code:
> Hmm.. This might be a good idea, actually. Have you tried whether it finds
> something in the existing tree (you could just take the existing macro and

Yes. I just tried it. The first warning thrown up for 2.4.8 was in
tun.c, when I did a make modules. Obviously it all depends on my
.config as to what it finds! I put in a asm(".error_here") instead of
BUG() so the compilation stops at every problem instead of warning and
continuing. Hence I don't kow the total. I can try and see ..

It's very late here (spain) so I don't trust myself to do much
hacking of code right now .. I corrected the tun.c code (it was
harmless) and posted the first bit of output a little while ago.
It should be down your mail client page a bit.

> ignore the first argument)?
> This would definitely be acceptable to me, and should (assuming no gcc
> optimization bugs) work with no run-time overhead.

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