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Ok, I'm back from Finland, and there's a 2.4.10-pre1 update on
Changelog appended..

The most noticeable one (under the right loads) is probably the one-liner
by Daniel that avoids some bad behaviour when swapping.


- Jeff Hartmann: DRM AGP/alpha cleanups
- Ben LaHaise: highmem user pagecopy/clear optimization
- Vojtech Pavlik: VIA IDE driver update
- Herbert Xu: make cramfs work with HIGHMEM pages
- David Fennell: awe32 ram size detection improvement
- Istvan Varadi: umsdos EMD filename bug fix
- Keith Owens: make min/max work for pointers too
- Jan Kara: quota initialization fix
- Brad Hards: Kaweth USB driver update (enable, and fix endianness)
- Ralf Baechle: MIPS updates
- David Gibson: airport driver update
- Rogier Wolff: firestream ATM driver multi-phy support
- Daniel Phillips: swap read page referenced set - avoid swap thrashing

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