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SubjectRe: emu10k1 driver breakdown in 2.4.9?
On Sat, 25 Aug 2001, Thunder from the hill wrote:

Can you strace the player giving you trouble?
Do you see any kernel oops in /var/log/messages?

Rui Sousa

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> Hi,
> I am running Linux 2.4.9 compiled on gcc-2.95.2 with K6-II optimization and support for the emu10k1 cards, as I'm using a SB Live!. But whenever I play something that does not go straight to the soundcard (e.g. mp3), the program receives a SIGSEGV. No matter which program.
> It all worked fine on Linux-2.4.2, so it seems not the players fault.
> config.h appended.
> Thunder

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