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Subject[RFC] Documentation/ changes
Just to put it out there...

Rob Radez

--- linux-2.4.9/Documentation/SubmittingPatches.orig Sun Aug 26 16:06:54 2001
+++ linux-2.4.9/Documentation/SubmittingPatches Sun Aug 26 16:10:18 2001
@@ -284,3 +284,10 @@

+5) Include relevant documentation.
+If you add a CONFIG_ entry, add a corresponding entry to
+Documentation/ If you're adding stuff to /proc, your code adds
+kernel command-line arguments, or your module takes parameters, make sure to
+add a file in Documentation/ detailing what exactly those things do and how to
+use them.
--- linux-2.4.9/Documentation/SubmittingDrivers.orig Sun Aug 26 15:46:37 2001
+++ linux-2.4.9/Documentation/SubmittingDrivers Sun Aug 26 15:57:38 2001
@@ -16,7 +16,10 @@
by the Linux assigned name and number authority (currently better
known as H Peter Anvin). The site is This
also deals with allocating numbers for devices that are not going to
-be submitted to the mainstream kernel.
+be submitted to the mainstream kernel. Currently, Linus has disallowed
+allocation of new majors for 2.4 (see
+ for more

If you don't use assigned numbers then when you device is submitted it will
get given an assigned number even if that is different from values you may
@@ -33,6 +36,8 @@
the maintainer listed in MAINTAINERS in the kernel file. If the
maintainer does not respond or you cannot find the appropriate
maintainer then please contact Alan Cox <>
+ In general, please submit new drivers for inclusion in the 2.4 tree
+ before trying to add them to 2.2.

Linux 2.4:
This kernel tree is under active development. The same rules apply
@@ -45,7 +50,8 @@
What Criteria Determine Acceptance

-Licensing: The code must be released to us under the GNU General Public License.
+Licensing: The code must be released to us under the GNU General Public
+ License.
We don't insist on any kind of exclusively GPL licensing,
and if you wish the driver to be useful to other communities
such as BSD you may well wish to release under multiple
@@ -112,7 +118,4 @@
Kernel traffic:
Weekly summary of kernel list activity (much easier to read)
-Linux USB project:

--- linux-2.4.9/Documentation/KernelProjects.orig Sun Aug 26 16:15:07 2001
+++ linux-2.4.9/Documentation/KernelProjects Sun Aug 26 16:15:38 2001
@@ -0,0 +1,28 @@
+Kernel Projects:
+This is a quick list of major kernel projects. It is by no means complete and
+probably never will be. Feel free to e-mail updates to <>.
+Linux USB project:
+Netfilter project:
+Linux ATA Development project:
+Linux Memory Management:
+Linux Scalability Effort:
+Linux Kernel Janitors project:
+Linux HotPlug:
+Linux Assigned Names and Numbers Authority:
--- linux-2.4.9/Documentation/CodingStyle.orig Sun Aug 26 16:10:27 2001
+++ linux-2.4.9/Documentation/CodingStyle Sun Aug 26 16:14:46 2001
@@ -233,3 +233,16 @@
stable. All options that are known to trash data (experimental write-
support for file-systems, for instance) should be denoted (DANGEROUS), other
Experimental options should be denoted (EXPERIMENTAL).
+Also, make sure to add entries to Documentation/ for *any*
+CONFIG_ entries you add or change.
+ Chapter 8: Documentation
+There's no such thing as too much up to date documentation, so whenever you
+make a change that adds some configurable option, or changes an existing one,
+or is just plain confusing, document it! Feel free to add a file in
+Documentation/ or add entries to Documentation/ or update an
+existing Documentation/ file! It's much nicer to put it there than hidden in
+some sub-directory in the kernel tree, plus, it tastes yummy and has less fat
+too! You can't lose!

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