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SubjectRe: [OT] Howl of soul...
> > there's nothing wrong with the chipset/controller; isn't this thread
> > about the well-known DTLA problem? if so, then what mode you use
> > is completely irrelevant, since the physical media is degrading.
> i feel like the media isn`t downgrading because
> the badblocks _arent_ physical: low-level drive
> reformat doesnt show anything.

A low-level format (using IBM DFT) is going to *silently* remap bad
parts of the disk. It's only going to complain once it's no longer
possible to remap the bad sectors. So, just because the low-level format
doesn't complain does not mean that there is no media degradation!

Also, many people seem to be correlating it to heat, and possibly to
flaws in IBM's implementation of glass platters in these drives. For
example, see

-Barry K. Nathan <>
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