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SubjectRe: 2.4.9-ac12 ppc ftr_fixup
On Sun, 26 Aug 2001 19:15:36 -0700, 
Tom Rini <> wrote:
>On Mon, Aug 27, 2001 at 10:27:22AM +1000, Keith Owens wrote:
>> 2.4.9-ac12 has new ppc code for CPU feature fixups. The ftr_fixup code
>> only handles entries that are built into the kernel. timex.h defines
>> get_cycles() using ftr_fixup and get_cycles() is used all over the
>> place, including in modules. AFAICT we need to add modutils support
>> for ftr_fixup.
>Er, eh? Excuse me if I'm being obtuse, but where is the problem? The fixup
>stuff is closely tied to bootup and what processor we happen to be on
>at the time. So we won't be trying to fixup any code in a module...

do_cpu_ftr_fixups() replaces unsupported code with NOP, based on the
table from __start___ftr_fixup to __stop___ftr_fixup which contains all
the data marked as section(__ftr_fixup). Fine, but it only handles
section __ftr_fixup data in the kernel, it does not write NOP over
__ftr_fixup data in modules. So any code marked as section __ftr_fixup
in a module executes unchanged. Unless I am missing something, that is
a problem.

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