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SubjectRe: [resent PATCH] Re: very slow parallel read performance
I'll have to wait to display more ignorance (on this subject)
until next week. Off to
LinuxWorld SF - rushing in where Alan Cox is afraid to go!

And OT: the Embedded Linux Consortium is considering standards
for Embedded Linux, as is the Emblix Consortium (Japan), the Open Group,
and, for all I know, the UN, the NRA, and the Committee for the
Preservation Welsh Poetry. I'd be
interested in any suggestions, comments, proposals, or witty remarks
I could convey to the first three of these august organizations.

I believe the Committee for the Preservation of Welsh Poetry are pretty
settled on the -ac tree. Aren't they doing an audio CD of Alan reciting
the TCP/IP stack sources?

You might mention that embedded Linux is in many ways a reenactment of the
history of Forth, which has many of the same advantages as Linux, foremost
in embedded being low (nil) unit-cost. Then there's robustness,
mutability, completeness...

Rick Hohensee
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