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SubjectSwap reclaiming

Browsing through 2.4.8 patch, I found this:

+ * When swap space gets filled up, we will set this flag.
+ * This will make do_swap_page(), in the page fault path,
+ * free swap entries on swapin so we'll reclaim swap space
+ * in order to be able to swap something out.
+ *
+ * At the moment we start reclaiming when swap usage goes
+ * over 80% of swap space.
+ *
+ * XXX: Random numbers, fixme.
+ */
+#define SWAP_FULL_PCT 80
+int vm_swap_full (void)
+ int swap_used = total_swap_pages - nr_swap_pages;
+ return swap_used * 100 > total_swap_pages * SWAP_FULL_PCT;

Hmm... This kind-of defeats purposes on swap priorities: with this,
you are going to fill slow swap even through there is lots of fast
swap that could be reclaimed.

I'm not sure what fix should be.
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