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SubjectRe: [OT] Howl of soul...
> > > Does anyone know what this bug actually is, and > > whether there's a possible
> > > workaround without disabling udma entirely?
> > so if i will disable udma and switch to
> > -X34 == multiword dma2, then corruptions will go away????
> >
> > i have a VX chipset/Zida 5DVX with PIIX3...
> there's nothing wrong with the chipset/controller; isn't this thread
> about the well-known DTLA problem? if so, then what mode you use
> is completely irrelevant, since the physical media is degrading.

i feel like the media isn`t downgrading because
the badblocks _arent_ physical: low-level drive
reformat doesnt show anything.
how i think it may be related to chipset/controller?
when data is transferred in udma mode, there may be
checksumming errors, and the wrong crc is being wrote
to the disk.
so when data is being accessed, bah - you are in

although, this is only a theory...



Samium Gromoff
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