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SubjectRe: Oops when loading floppy.o
>  someone told me this is a known problem but not 100% reproduceable.
> Attached are the ksymoops and dmesg output. The machine where this
> happens doesn't have floppy drive and has the floppy controller
> disabled at the BIOS level. Please mail me if you need more
> information and keep me on the Cc: line.

I can reproduce it to order. The floppy driver has done this since before
2.4.0 in this specific case I think. It actual stops installs working on
the problem box I have

> >>EIP; c0117602 <__run_task_queue+12/60> <=====
> Trace; c011a2f6 <immediate_bh+16/20>
> Trace; c011756a <bh_action+1a/50>

Thats the important bit I think, its not killing off all the stuff it set up
when it exits. Its not an XFS triggered bug, so the trace is useful

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