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Subjectunrelated 2.4.x (x=0-9) sound
> 2.      Chipsets that don't give the ISA bus any useful share of bandwidth
> during AGP or PCI traffic
i.e. you mean that PCI-ISA bridge doesnt provide enough
realtimeness to fill internal sb buffer?

yes it sounds like that, because i can hardly
realize their existence at 11025... (but i suppose
if they were, i hardly would be able to hear them...)

i have the next "but": isn`t internal sb buffer
enough large to flatten these io peaks?

even more: sound click even when i strike the key once, with 100% probability.

ofcourse this is maybe because mc sends alot of data
over the bus in the response to the keypress.

it also explains why less clicks only after

but next why: why "find /" does not achieve
same effect? the datastream is _way_ larger!



Samium Gromoff
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