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Subject[OT] Howl of soul...
     dear people!

Sorry for OT, but i want only good to you, lkml
If you are to buy a new ide drive, do not buy
recent IBM 7200 drives!!!
The story begins when at February of this year i`ve bought
perfectly shining ever-fast IBM DTLA-307045...
After 3 months i`ve hardly regreted about such
decision: drive started to covers himself with a thick
layer of logical-not-physical badblocks (ie lowlevel
reformat doesnt show anything).
So i went to storagereview and lerned about the matter.
As i found, these drives had an internal controller bug.

So i said okay, while restoring 3rd time my reiserfs
and dumping data to spare drive, and went to
replace the drive to perfectly new and shining
IBM IC35L040AVER07-0 also known as 60GXP.

Now i`am heavily punished for that.
Badblocks are reapperaing on runtime.
After they appeared first time i`ve attached large
fan to the drive, so it was cold(!) to touch. Also
i stopped to transport the drive between boxes.

Nevertheless these fscking logical badblocks
appeared again twice.

The fact is, that we had bought these drives
with my friend synchronusly, and now he owns
quantum drive, after 75gxp and 60gxp...
Ofcourse he had similar problems.... (btw he use windoze)

I am _tired_ fixing my poor reiserfs root partition.
I can say that now i`am expert on how to restore
badblocked reiserfs partiotions... ;(




Samium Gromoff
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