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SubjectRe: Will 2.6 require Python for any configuration ? (CML2)
>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Rini <> writes:

Tom> On Fri, Aug 24, 2001 at 02:59:37PM +0200, Jes Sorensen wrote:
>> Again, please try and do real porting work before you make such
>> silly statements. Perl is 32/64 little/big-endian clean ... and
>> still it's the absolutely worst app to bring up (even X tends to be
>> easier).

Tom> perl is (or was last time I tried it) a PITA because it doesn't
Tom> have a real config script. In my experiance (and I do have a lot
Tom> here) apps which use autoconf/et al suck less at porting, as long
Tom> as you have autoconf/libtool/et al happy. Then it usually comes
Tom> down to poorly written code.

The configure script has almost nothing to do with this! autoconf
etc. is just little bits on the surface. So pardon if I question the
relevance of your experience in this area.

The real problems with Perl is that it exercises almost all of your
libc, uses floating point math, dlopen() and a lot of other
funnies. Successfully running Perl's test suite is a very good
indicator for the completeness of your libc. On the other hand gcc and
the development toolchain are remarkably easy to accomodate on that

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