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SubjectRe: 3ware: no cards found in 2.2.19, cards found in 2.4.x
Both of these address the VM issues.  I won't say VM is perfect, but you 
can't know if it works better for you like it does for me until you try
it. Upgrading a kernel is a pretty quick and painless job. As to the
corruption, I don't see enough below to make a start as to the cause.


Brian Strand wrote:

> Do either of these kernels fix the "2.4.x VM suckage" problems? I
> don't want to use a 2.4.x kernel because Oracle runs almost 2x slower
> (with identical hardware config) on 2.4.4 and 2.4.6 versus 2.2.16 (and
> I have 4G of swap for 2G of physical mem, so that is not the problem),
> not to mention that one of these 2.4.x kernels caused Oracle
> corruption. I don't feel so comfortable testing new kernels with
> several hundred GBs of customer data anymore :) .
> David Ford wrote:
>> I first suggest that you try kernel 2.4.9 or the latest of 2.4.8-acN.
>> David
>> Brian Strand wrote:
>>> I have a quad xeon 2GB system running Oracle which I am reverting to
>>> 2.2.x because of 2.4.x's less than desirable VM performance (causing
>>> a 2x Oracle slowdown, reported about a month ago on linux-kernel).
>>> I foolishly put a 3ware card in at the same time as I "upgraded" the
>>> box to 2.4.4, so now I am in the undesirable position of needing to
>>> go back to 2.2.19, but that kernel cannot find the card. I get the
>>> following message during boot:
>>> 3w-xxxx: tw_find_cards(): No cards found
>>> /lib/moduless/2.2.19-2GB-SMP/scsi/3w-xxxx.o: init_module: Device or
>>> resource busy
>>> I have tried compiling the 3ware driver version
>>> 1.02.00.{004,006,007} all with the same result. Has anyone managed
>>> to use a Suse 2.2.19 kernel with 3ware cards with any success? The
>>> driver is from the stock 2.2.19 kernel, the .006 driver
>>> is from 3ware's website, and the .007 driver is from 2.2.20pre9.

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