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SubjectRe: Poor Performance for ethernet bonding
Martin Josefsson wrote:
> On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Bernhard Busch wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> >
> > I have tried to use ethernet network interfaces bonding to increase
> > peformance.
> >
> > Bonding is working fine, but the performance is rather poor.
> > FTP between 2 machines ( kernel 2.4.4 and 4 port DLink 100Mbit ethernet
> > card)
> > results in a transfer rate of 3MB/s).
> >
> > Any Hints?
> I've seen this too, it doesn't have anything to do with bonding, it's the
> fact that you are sending packets out several interfaces at once that's
> the cause. Same thing happend to me when transmitting at high speeds on
> two interfaces at once without bonding. And you are using 4 interfaces so
> I can imagine that it will be even worse than I saw.
> And bonding on my two eepro100 in another machine works perfectly,
> no problem maxing out at aproximatly 200Mbit.

I've run a sustained 10Mbps tx & rx on 8 ports (2 of the Dlink 4-port NICs)
for over 24 hours on a 2.4.7 kernel. I was not using bonding though. I'm guessing you're
seeing lots of carrier errors, as the tulip driver used to be very bad
at...uh..working. Try a 2.4.6 kernel or better and I bet your problem
goes away...


Ben Greear <> <>
President of Candela Technologies Inc
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