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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: Using Philips CDD3610 cd-writer crashes my system with every 2.4 kernel

Basically I've encountered the same problem, but it went away after 2.4.6.

Machine: P II 300 Mhz, Adaptec 2940 SCSI adapter, 64 Mb memory, 1x Seagate
ST34520W, 1x Seagate ST34520LW, 1x Philips CDD 3610, Toshiba XM-6201TA
OS: Redhat 7.1 with latest patches (except kernel)

Division over the buses as shown by cdrecord -scanbus

0.0.0 Seagate ST34520W
0.2.0 Seagate ST34520LW
0.5.0 Toshiba CD-ROM XM-6201TA
1.0.0 Philips CDD-3610 CD R/RW

and as stated everything fine after 2.4.6 (however 2.4.3-5 showed the same
behaviour as your machine). The cd drive makes after 2.4.6 a strange churning
sound when initializing cdrecord however. The cd's that were burned however
were flawless (at least up to 2.4.9).
Further info: in the 2.4.3-2.4.5 kernels the devices which are above shown in
scsibus0 were shown in scsibus1 and vice versa...

Sincerely, Erick
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