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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.8-ac10
I wanted to test 2.4.8-ac10 to see if the oops on mounting /proc/bus/usb
was fixed. But I wasn't able to get that far. I got a panic on trying to
mount the root device (30:01).

I did nothing more than back up my .config file, blow away the Linux
source directory (tried reversing off the patches, but I got lost
somewhere, so I started over), unpack a fresh 2.4.8, patch it up with
-ac10, restore my .config, make oldconfig, dep, install.

I didn't touch my lilo.conf or anything else.

Looking through your changes I didn't notice any mention of changes to the
DAC960 driver (which my root file system resides on).

I had the same thing happen to me at home on a machine with just a scsi
root in a Linus kernel. I had to make changes to my lilo.conf to get it
to work, but then I had to change it back with the next release. So I
don't want to jump to any changes just yet.

Two penguins were walking on an iceberg. The first penguin said to the
second, "you look like you are wearing a tuxedo." The second penguin
said, "I might be..." --David Lynch, Twin Peaks

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