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hi everybody,

i have implemented an improved linux ntfs driver.

the following changes have been done :

- full deletion support
- full hardlink support
- support for multiple mft records
- support for chmod, rename, truncate, df, du, ...
- implemented new tools ntchmod, ntlink, ntrm, ntundel (undeletion)
there is a NT port of the tools, too
- fixed a bunch of FIXME's and another bunch of bugs

the kernel part of the sources increased almost to the double.

one of the performed tests was a complete linux kernel build on a
ntfs volume. without any complaints by chkdsk.

this is currently for kernel 2.2.x.

work is in progress for the following items :
- support for kernel 2.4.x
- support for symlinks, device files and chown/chgrp
- full support for compressed files

if you are interested, please send me an email. please indicate if you
want only the kernel part or the complete sources.



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