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Subject2.4.8: insmod ipx.o failed

I decided to try linux ipx support so i compiled ipx as module ipx.o.
The version of kernel i tried is 2.4.8.


When insmod-ing ipx.o i get following errors:

[root@boris ipx]# insmod ipx.o
ipx.o: unresolved symbol make_EII_client
ipx.o: unresolved symbol make_8023_client
ipx.o: unresolved symbol destroy_8023_client
ipx.o: unresolved symbol destroy_EII_client

I've found following names in /proc/ksyms:

c0194a70 make_8023_client_R__ver_make_8023_client
c0194aa0 destroy_8023_client_R__ver_destroy_8023_client
c0194a00 make_EII_client_R__ver_make_EII_client
c0194a30 destroy_EII_client_R__ver_destroy_EII_client

I would expect checksum values appended as to other names in it.
Other network stuff i use works well now.

Can you help me to show how should i solve this or is there already a patch on 2.4.8 ? If, i'm not subscribed on this list, so please mail me to:

Thanks Boris

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