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Subject[IDEA+RFC] Possible solution for min()/max() war

At the risk of igniting another long-drawn-out flamewar over the
min()/max() macros, I have an idea.

There is a section in the config dialogs labeled "Kernel hacking."
Under it there is the SysRQ option. Why don't we put an entry under that
dialog and label it "Use new min()/max() macros" and make it a y/n field.
Then we can add dozens of warnings to the help dialog about it, and allow
the user/hacker to select the macro they want.

In any code which uses the macros, you can simply do this:

#include <linux/config.h>
minimum = min(int, number[0], number[1]);
minimum = min(number[0], number[1]);

This way, some hackers can use the two-arg min()/max() inside an #ifdef block,
other hackers can use the three-arg min()/max() inside an #ifdef block,
and people who don't care can select either.

Comments, flames, suggestions, anyone? If the output is good, I'll
publish a patch which will add the option and default it to
CONFIG_USE_NEW_MINMAX=y, since that was the decree of the Great Penguin Overlord ;)


Brad Chapman

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