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SubjectRe: What version of the kernel fixes these VM issues?
On August 24, 2001 08:14 pm, Nicolas Pitre wrote:
> I have a totally different setup but I can reproduce the same behavior on
> the system I have here:
> ARM board with 32 MB RAM, no flash, NFS root.
> The kernel is based on 2.4.8-ac9 plus some small VM fixes from -ac10.
> My test consist in compiling gcc 3.0 while some MP3s are continously playing
> in the background. The gcc build goes pretty far along until both the mp3
> player and the gcc build completely jam.

Which sound system, and which sound card driver?

> Oh maybe not completely as I get
> about 100ms of audio playing every 10 secs. bash starts echoing what I type
> one char per approx 5 sec. The only thing that still works fine is the
> magic sysrq that clearly shows that the CPU is spinning in the VM code. NFS
> trafic is also going on full bandwidth but no progress ever happens in user
> space.

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