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SubjectCMD649 RAID?

I have an IWILL KK-266R motherboard with an AMI HG80649 ATA100 IDE RAID
controller that shows up as a CMD649 with lspci. I've set up a RAID1
array through the BIOS utility but Linux (2.4.[4-9]) can't seem to do
anything with it ...

hde and hdg are detected, but the IRQ probe fails so ide2 and ide3 are
disabled. I can't access the machine right now, else I'd send some
logfiles. I'm also running devfs and am a little lost, so I'm not sure
if it is simply unsupported or if I'm missing something.

With the motherboard comes a bootdisk that I can use to install RedHat
with a 2.2 kernel, but from what I read, after I install it, I can't do
anything else with the array. There are some patches, but they seem to
already be integrated into 2.4.x>7 (the ide-patches no longer apply & I
get a lot of reversed patch messages).

2.4.9 only seems to have 'generic' CMD649 support, no raid, and I can't
find an entry in /proc or /dev relating to raid support. Am I doing
something wrong, or am I screwed with 80GB inaccessible disk space?

Thanks in advance,

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